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A LONG WALK TO NOTHING (Episode 2 of 32)



“Welcome back home honey….how was work today” Alexia welcomes her husband home collecting his bag from his hands but Donald is not in anyway happy at all

“Thank you”

“Good evening Mr Donald” Cecelia gets up and stretches her hand to greet him but he ignores her hand

“I didn’t know you were back Cecilia” he says

“Oh yes!….. That’s because your wife here also had no idea I was Coming back, but if you would excuse me, I have to be on my way”

“You don’t have to just because I’m here”

“That’s not really it Donald….. I was actually on my way when you came in” Cecilia walks over to Alexia and bends over to whisper in her ears

“See me off please” she says and Alexia puts down the bag as Donald just watches without a single word……when the two get out, Cecilia holds her friends hand

“Please my friend, think about whatever I told you earlier today, I was serious and I still am,no one is worth all these sacrifices”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t stay stuck up in that house forever…..let’s start slowly….. Why don’t we start by getting for you a Job?”

“Donald would never allow that”

“The question is must he allow it first?….you’re a woman”

“Before that I am a mother, a wife….I’ve lived with Donald for all these years and he has never complained about anything, there is nothing I ask of him that he can not provide for me, he’s a good man and the least I can do is to be a wife to him”

“Suit yourself but if you ever change your mind about it, you know where to find me” Cecilia walks away and stands all speechless, she didn’t know for how long she has been standing just starring into space till when someone touched her shoulders…she jerks and turns

“You startled me” she says clutching her heart

“You scared me”

“Is everything fine with you?” Donald asks with a lot of concern and Alexia smiles

“I am perfectly fine…..let’s go in”

Liam sits alone in his big living room going through some files when Edmond came into his mind, he smiles, he likes the young boy so much and for the very fact that he decided to go this extra mile just for his mother, the woman should really be worth Much more…….he’s always had a soft spot for women, he loves helping them and for him they come second after God!…..soon he’s joined by his ten year old daughter Glow

“Dad….” She calls

“Angel how are you..sit down with daddy” the girl tacks besides him

“How was school today”

“School was fine……I have something for you”

“Something?” Glow gets up and and walks back to her room and comes back with a paper in hand

“They want you at school”

“Should I worry about that?”

“Not at all……I know you’re busy Dad, but I know I come first before your work”

“I’ll surely squeeze this in… can go to bed now a satisfied child but let’s see” he opens the paper and reads through

“Actually they are just organizing a games day at school where they want all parents to be part of it, cheering up their children”

“So you’ll attend right”

“Yes….I’ll make sure of that, we still have a few days to that right”

“I trust you Dad”

“Thank you…..I’ll have to talk to your teacher tomorrow when I drop you in school” he kisses her good night and she leaves for her room………..

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Tonight is not like any other Normal nights before, Alexia is stuck in the kitchen preparing dinner as with little Celine stuck on her back… normal days, Donald would extend a hand in the kitchen but not today he has been gloomy ever since he got home and found Cecilia in the house, he has not spoken any word about it but the handwriting is Alexia clear, he is mad at her…… She had left him in the house to go pick their daughter from school, she came back and hit the kitchen right away with Celine refusing to be put down…’s not a big deal, she’s actually used to doing this. It took her another thirty minutes to get dinner ready, she set the table ready

“Honey food is ready” she humbles herself before her husband and Donald raises his eyes from what he was doing and looks at his wife from up and down, Alexia doesn’t understand why he’s looking at her like this tonight

“Don’t tell me you’re going to sit down at my dinning and have dinner with me dressed like that…..sweating” he says not minding how the words come out and it stings her as she looks at herself from her chest to her toes, with Celine still stuck on her back

“Let me take a quick shower” Alexia answers but it’s like Donald was only waiting for her word to burst as he slams his fist on the table sending cold chill to Alexia’s spine, he stands up


“Look at you……just check yourself out and those that you call your friends”

“You’re insulting me Donald”

“I’m only stating the obvious…..lose that weight, get back your shape and look appealing….. Otherwise I’m not hungry” he collects his stuffs from the table and maintains a very angry and straight face as he walks away past her…..Alexia can’t believe all this came out of the man she’s been living together with for ages, she watches as he disappears up in the stairs, she finally sits down and unties her daughter, she sits her on her lap and refuses to cry in front of her, she has always had huge appetite from the time she gave birth to her daughter but suddenly she doesn’t have appetite tonight, she manages to feed her daughter and once they are done, she carries Celine to bed and tells her one bedtime story….she tucks her in and leaves, she comes down to the living room where she finds the food and every other thing waiting for her to come and collect, for the very first time she realizes she would use some help really, she can’t carry on like this, she’s human and at least a word of encouragement if not from everyone but from her husband would mean a lot to her but here he just said some hurtful words to her….maybe it’s the stress of his work, maybe he’s not just himself today because of finding Cecilia here because the Donald she married and knows would look past her ugly body, he would not say all that because he knows what she’s going through everyday in this house…….as all this runs through her head, she continues to clear the table and she was done in no time…she checks the entrance door and the kitchen door, she switches off the lights and climbs up to her room where she finds Donald all cuddled up and sleeping soundly…….. She walks over to the dressing mirror and strips down only standing in underwear, she looks ugly indeed…… Cecilia was right after all, Donald is not with her because of love like she thought… Maybe Cecilia knows something, now what does she do….she just can’t sit and do nothing, there has to be something she can do to get her man’s love back…she proceeds to the shower where she stays in there for a very long time…..

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It’s early the next day, Liam pulls at the school packing lot and comes out to open for little Glory…. The girl jumps out and he holds her hand happily

“Are you coming in with me Dad?”

“Yes let me take you to your class so I can talk to your class teacher as promised”

“OK Dad” he walks away with his daughter as he pulls her along…….


Alexia drives inside the school gate and looks around to find a good place to pack her car, she sees a car pull out and thinks it’s where she’s going to pack….she drives ahead and reverses but boom, she knocks a car and her hearts sinks, she comes out as the person in the car she just knocked Also comes out

“I’m so sorry sir…..I didn’t see you behind me” she sincerely apologises and instead of the man getting mad, he smiles

Let’s see, it’s only a minor scratch”

“I’m sincerely sorry, if you’d let me, we can fix it”

“It’s Alright Madame, I am the one who should have waited….this place is too small to allow two cars pass each other…..just forget the scratch” Alexia breaths a sigh of relief

“My name is Liam….. Liam Peters”

“Nice to meet you Liam Namesake….. Alexia Peters” she stretches her hand for a shake and he greets her

“Sorry for the inconvenience but I have to hurry my daughter to class”

“Don’t worry go on ahead” she walks back to her car and opens for Celine to come out, Liam watches as the plus size young woman leads her little girl to class, once he doesn’t see them any more, he hops into his car and drives away………

“Good morning Mr Donald”

“What are you doing here in my office, I don’t remember inviting you over”

“I’m so sorry I actually forgot to tell you I’m coming and oh! I forgot to introduce myself too Mr Donald……. My name is Cecilia Adams Mr Donald’s ex girlfriend” her statement gets him sitting up straight

“What did you just say?” Cecilia sits down crossing her legs seductively

“After all that we shared, you just had to settle for that free loader, that ugly duckling”

“Not another word from you…… you have no right to insult me wife”

“A wife that you don’t love…. Don’t forget to add that”

“Oh! I should have known this is about you, I should have known after all that Alexia has done for your friendship? Now you come here and speak like this”

“You should be the very last person to reprimand me for this Donald, you and I are very much aware of reason why I got so close to your wife…….I was a coward back then and now I’m back to take all that belongs to me, I mean everything and that includes you Donald”

“Congrats” he says clapping his hands and smiling as he nods too

“I am very Glad it finally sunk in your head but guess what? You came a little too late, I’m happily married to a wonderful woman”

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“You’re also aware that even you yourself don’t believe that your statement right?…what do you even see in that woman”

“So many things I don’t see in you”

“I’m so sorry I did what I did to you, in the process you made a very huge mistake marrying her….look at her, she looks like your mother, you need a woman in your life yes but a woman you can proudly parade and take out to…..”

“Don’t forget Cessy, that woman has given me two wonderful and beautiful children”

“I knew it… still remember that aauu….. Only love would make you call me Cessy” he doesn’t say a word

“Speaking about your wife…..I thought as much, i mean why would you punish yourself by staying married to duckling like her if not for the children…. Tell me, what else can she put into the marriage other than those two children, nothing……She continues to eat and eat and gets fat and fatter……..I was young, I was so naive and I didn’t know what I wanted”

“And now you think you know what you want?”…. You left me when I needed you the most” she gets off her seat and goes closer to where Donald is sitting and leans to kiss him but he stands up

“I love you Donald…. That’s not a lie, I never left you for another man”

“But you left me in order to go and pursue your modeling carrier, I cried, I begged you to not go even on bended knees but no, you told me we were so incompatible, I was getting in your way of success that you made so clear to me, you wanted one thing and I wanted another, you said you couldn’t imagine yourself ruining your body and Carrier with marriage”

“And now I’m back…I’ve grown, I’ve understood certain things I never understood back then”

“Back after how many years Cecilia huh?…. I left for you thousands of mails, you never replied any single one of them…..I wished there was a way to get you back but no”

“Don’t talk as if all of this is entirely my fault Donald…..I begged you Donald, to go to Canada with me but no, your just started business was more important to you…..I left with a very heavy heart but what did it take for you huh!….. Only few months and you got married to her, tell me who is the traitor here”

“In my heart you were already dead” she moves closer this time

“But in mine you were and are so much alive….even after twenty years, I still love you and if I’m close to your wife, it’s because I want you to see that I still care about what we shared” she leans again to kiss him but he’s unmoved, he doesn’t let her so she throws herself on him in a hug and kisses his neck before he pulls away from her, now he’s mad

“Leave…… Go now, I moved on and I don’t love you…why don’t you do the same, befriending my wife will not work out so get out of my office now before I do something I might regret

” Donald”

“Leave….I’m so serious about it….and please, i don’t want to see you anywhere close to my wife” she raises her hands up in surrender, grabs her purse and leaves……

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