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Top 10 Emergency Loan Apps in Nigeria without Collateral

In today’s TELL ME HOW” article, i have decided to educate you all on the top 10 Emergency loan apps/money lenders in Nigeria.

These Loan apps/money lenders are capable of giving out insecure loan within minutes! Is that not awesome? Of course it is.

When I talk of insecure loan I mean Getting loan without collateral, and you know what that means you can get the loan anywhere without any third party knowing about the deal. Just you and the lender.

Nigeria has been getting so much increase in population year-in-year-out, and due to the current economy of Nigeria it’s getting almost impossible to survive without having to lend money from one place or another.

Lending money can be for numerous reason, it could be for

Whatever your reason for the loan is, Am happy to announce to you that you can now receive financial assistance in form of loan to sort out your current financial crisis and then pay back later.

Below is the list of Top 10 Emergency loan apps in Nigeria without collateral

Note: this list is prepared according to active service, reputation and popularity in Nigeria.

Top 10 Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Collateral

1. Paylater(Carbon)

Paylater also known as (carbon) made it to our top 1 because of it reputation and it’s lending capabilities.

Paylater has an easy to use website as well as a mobile friendly app. Their website is SSL secure making it possible to carry out financial deals without any problem.

Paylater can borrow any Nigerian up to the sum of #1,000,000 naira at a go. However, this mostly depend on the check carried out after giving them your Bank Verification Number(BVN), there will be a quick scan-check on it and thereafter you can now see the amount you’re qualified to borrow.

Their loan is available to small business owners and individuals. Thus making thier service available to wide range of people.

Paylater has put smiles on the faces of million of Nigerians. And you can as well be a beneficiary of their loan grant.

You can log on to their website here or Download their app on the Google play store with the name Paylater(Carbon).

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2. FairMoney

Top 10 Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Collateral

Fairmoney Loan service

Fairmoney made it to be on our top 2 loan app in Nigeria.

Fairmoney is of no doubt a fast rising lending service in Nigeria with a mouth watering reputation. I have personal deal with them to know how they work.

They offer a good interest rate on their loan. And no matter how worse it is, fairmoney has got something in place for you.

Their loan start from as low as #1500 up to #150,000. They also offer higher loan to people whose companies directly register with fairmoney.

They offer good discount rate in terms of paying back loan.

If you’ve been in need of a sharp quick loan that will be dsibursed within 5mins after approval, then fairmoney is the right option for you.

Get access to Fairmoney service Here.

3. PalmCredit

Top 10 Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Collateral

Palmcredit loan service

Here in the third position we have palmcredit.

Similar to paylater, they also offer exclusive lending service and are as well reputable enough to borrow money from.

They have simple user interface and are widely known across the nation.

They are the no 1 Nigeria online loan, although it’s a self claim but they are actually working towards it.

You can borrow up to 4,000,000 if you’re suitably qualified with no record at the credit bureau center.

Just make sure you fill in your details respectively and watch while your account is being credited.

Make sure to read their terms and conditions as well.

4. Aella Credit

Top 10 Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Collateral

Aella credit loan service

Aella credit is also a recognised loan lending service in Nigeria. It has been working well and hard to make it’s service available to everyone.

You can get an instant loan within 10mins of downloading the app with fair interest on the given loan.

They can borrow you from as low as #2000 to up to #100,000 depending on your credit score.

Early payment is the key to moving up the ladder with aella credit loan service.

5. Branch

Branch is another money lending app that has earn alot of reputation all over the country.

They’ve been around for some years, making them one of the well known and most preferred money lending service.

Depending on your credit score, branch can start with you with as low as #1,000, #1,500 or #2,000

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Their loan is instantly and they don’t waste time as soon as they’ve carried on necessary check on your profiles.

They have tons of users and they are worth trying!

6. Zedvance

Zedvance is also among our Top 10 Emergency loan apps in Nigeria without collateral.

They are widely used among Nigerians and they offer loan to almost everyone with good interest rate.

You can as well count on them if you run out of cash or you’re in need of emergency loan within minutes.

You can payback loans with your cards(visa,MasterCard).

Early payment is a key to be considered for higher amounts.

7. Fast Credit

Fast credit loan service offers loan to small business owners and Mico business. Their loan service business is disbursed when valid guarantors are provided.

They are undoubtedly one of the best loan service for small businessess in Nigeria, they also grant loan for personal use and are moving up the ladder becoming one of the most use loan service in Nigeria.

Fast loan service is worth trying and can cure your instant loan sickness.

8. Kiakia

“Kiakia” as the name goes in Nigeria-yoruba language means “quick quick”. The name itself already let you know that you can receive your loan grant as fast as possible.

For regular users, kiakia can borrow you up to #5,000,000 naira at a go with a due time of 6months. While new user get smaller amounts with 1month pay back time.

They’ve successfully win to themself so many people as a customer. And are reputable enough to transact with.

9. Quick check

Quick check lending service is also included as you can’t get a loan lower than #5000 even as a new user.

Their loan amount starts from #5000 up to #200,000 or so.

They have high rates of disapproval and you can try up to five different time before getting your first loan.

No instant loan on payback and you’re as well required to payback your loan instantly as it due.

They have policy which you might have to go through before requesting for their loan.

You need a good credit score to be considered.

10. Creditville

Credit ville service is another money lending platform. You can get personal loan as well as SME loan.

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They offer Business loan, payday loan and also cab lease. Their is quite Available to anyone either as a business owner, or a verified employer

They are active and have been used by so many people with averagely good review.

The highest disbursement you can get from them is #250,000 ¼ of a million naira.

Things to Consider when requesting for loan offers

When requesting for loans from these top companies, there’s some things you should know about and be aware of.

Although these lending service are said to be giving out loans without collateral, but they have gotten enough information that’s more than requesting for collateral from you.

For example, when you download any loan app, they sync your phone contacts to their server which can in turn hurt you if you fail to pay back your loan or you delay in paying back in time.

Another thing is your Bank Verification Number (BVN) your lender have the control over your BVN and can get all your life details from it this alone is worth to be scared of.

Things To Do To Make Good Record with Loan / Lending Services


Loan apps are meant to aid your short time financial needs. They are often referred to as “Quick loans” because the duration range from 1-6 months.

Never borrow loan when you’re not actually in need of it. Make sure the loan is requested for a particular reason.

After getting your loan disbursement, don’t uninstall the app to aid your payback and it will serve as a reminder to you.

Never borrow more than you can pay back. Just because a lender is willing to borrow you #100,000 doesn’t guarantee you to collect it if you can’t pay back within the stipulated time.

Don’t take calls or messages from Lenders as embarrassment as it’s part of their business.

Our picks

From the above list, our four most endorsed is :

Happy lending…!


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