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Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria – 2019

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Highest Paying jobs in Nigeria – 2019

If you currently find yourself on this article, then I assume you want to know the Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria – 2019.

Nigeria as a country has numerous vocation and occupation just like every other country does. Every occupation has its own value regardless of how it’s been done.

Some occupation seems easy to deal with physical but mentally appears to be very difficult. While some are so hard to deal with physically and otherwise mentally.

If you’ve been searching for, or wanting to know the Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria – 2019, then search no more. Because your search ends here.

Right in this article, we are going to dig out and unviel the top paying jobs in Nigeria. All of this jobs can only be accessed through quality education and sound intelligent except from the Entertainments jobs included.

Make sur you read this article to the very end, am sure some occupation you never even thought could be in the top paying jobs make it there successfully.

Now, lets move to the main point of this co5ntent. Below is the top 20 list of jobs that pay most in Nigeria.

Note : this list is prepared in accordance to it’s demand locally and internationally. We did not arrange them according to their pay.

Here are the Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria – 2019

1. Entertainment [ Musician ]

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Nigeria musician

You might be a bit surprised that Musician make it to our top 1 list! Yes! Musician not only in Nigeria, at making it really big. Apart from the fame included. Musician can make millions of naira in just hours.

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They charge per show, they are commonly used as Brand ambassadors, make money through their songs (apple, SoundCloud) and other music platform pay musician for listing their songs.

Infact! There are more than 20 means for a musician to generate income + the famousity that earn them more shows. Did you know that top Nigerian musicians charge above #5 million per show?

Don’t be surprise, we’re just trying to let you know the money making power that’s alive in every Musician.

Musician can earn some people salary per annum in just a month. And you know what that means.

A whopping lots of money!

Although it usually take time to rise to stardom as a musician, But once you make it there. It’s a lifetime heritage!.

2. Entertainment [ Acting ]

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Nigerian actors and actresses

We are still under the entertainment umbrella. And our top 2 standing goes to Nigerian actors and actresses. They can never be overlooked when talking about richest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Acting, not only in Nigeria but all over the world has a very big industry just like music also has its own industry. They are operating on a $billion industry.

Actors and actresses, escpecially the famous one are making it big time. Making use of their talent, doing what they know best.

Acting makes a lot of money, actors are paid per movie, they also serve as Brand ambassadors, most of them owns TV series e.t.c

The channels that generate income for Actors and actresses are numerous. Making them one of the highest occupation in Nigeria.

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Entertaining is a very broad niche, and people are ready to pay as far as they are being entertained.

3. Entertainment [ Comedians ]

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Nigerian comedian

Still in the Entertainment zone. We can not proceed with the listing without including comedians.

Comedy is a Big money making business in Nigeria, no wonder so many upcoming comedians files in to Instragram, YouTube, AND Facebook to showcase their talent.

If you don’t know the power in comedy, it’s like you’re not a social person, No Instagram! No YouTube! No Facebook! The enthusiasm of being a comedian has filled up in the heart of so many individuals, having seen the popularity and wealthiness of people that are already in that line.

The likes of Ay | Bovi | Kenny blaq |Basketmouth | Mark angel comedy | among others are already a superstar in this industry. And are now swimming in millions.

4. Aviation [ Pilot ]

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Nigerian pilot

Aviation jobs comes in to the top 4 in Nigeria. Nigeria is greatly working to keep up with the most developed countries in the world.

Pilots are known all over the world to be making huge amount of money as salary. making them one of the highest paid jobs in Nigeria.

Also here in Nigeria, pilot are paid well and infact 4/20 of the most paying jobs in Nigeria.

Pilots in Nigeria can earn between #500,000 to #1.5 million monthly. This often depends on the level of experience so far and the level of education.

More also the pay of a Nigeria pilot also depends on the company the pilot works with as pay differs between companies.

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5. Sailing [ sailors ]

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Nigerian sailors

Nigerian sailors stand at the top 5. Sailors are also being paid well all over the world. And you can’t denied them of these.

Their pay also depends on the level of maturity, Experience and education.

Sailors can earn between #500,000 to #1,000,000 here in Nigeria and they are undoubtedly one of the highest paid profession in Nigeria.

This often require lots of education and intensive trainings to scaled up to the point of a sailor.

6. Petroleum Engineering

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is another notable profession in Nigeria that Can swipe in millions naira annually.

Although this field of occupation require a lot of education, trainings and spending to acquire the knowledge. But once you become a certified professional in the field , you’ll earn your mark of respect.

A petroleum engineer can earn up to #12,000,000 per annum here in Nigeria. This also depends on the company you work for.

But if you’re in the government sector, you’ll need to move up the level a bit to start making huge income.

It’s actually one of the uncommon professional and there are also not many jobs available here in Nigeria.

7. Chemical Engineering

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria - 2019

Chemical engineering

This is another engineering job similar to petroleum engineering, it’s an occupation to those in the science field. We now have tons of professionals in this field in Nigeria.

This occupation require a lot of hard work, education and Money to make it as a chemical engineer.

I can boldly tell it to you that, chemical engineer earn up to #10,000,000 per annum. This often depends on the company worked for and levek of professionalism.


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